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RML offering the HCV RNA by TMA


RML offers the HCV RNA by TMA. The detection of Hepatitis C viral RNA is based upon reverse transcription of viral RNA followed by transcription-mediated amplification (TMA).  Although this “Quantitative assay” is used primarily to monitor therapy and to predict the success of antiviral therapy, it can also be effectively used as a method of detection like a “Qualitative assay”.

The benefit of this assay is that the lower limit of detection is lower than some qualitative assays. The sensitivity is 5 copies(IU) per mL of plasma. The effective linear range is 5 IU/mL to 7500 IU/mL. A report from this assay with a viral load of 5 IU/mL would indicate a positive presence of Hepatitis C viral RNA. 

Assay component reference ranges:
HCV RNA, Quantitative Copies/mL, LESS THAN 5 IU/mL
HCV RNA, Quantiatitive Log/mL, LESS THAN 0.7 LogIU/mL

If you have any questions please feel to contact Gerald C. Miller, PhD,(email:

Test Name HCV TMA
Test Number 5593925
Test Discription Hepatitis C RNA Quantitative TMA (transcription-mediated amplification)
Methodolgy TMA- Linear Range is 5 - 7,500 IU/mL
Specimen 3ml EDTA Plasma
Specimen Processing Spin, Separate & Freeze with in 2hrs. of collection
Cpt Codes 87522