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Red Cross Blood Drive Nov 18th 01/20/2015 Red Cross Blood Drive at St. John Medical Center Tuesday, January 20th, 7am to 7pm
RML's Dr Dolan in CAP TODAY 01/15/2015 CAP TODAY interviews Regional Medical Laboratory's president and CEO Dr C. Terrence Dolan MD on the importance of data warehousing.
New Owasso Patient Service Center 07/02/2012 New Owasso Patient Service Center opening July 2nd, 2012.
KingsPointe RML Patient Service Center 07/11/2011 RML is excited to announce our new Patient Service Center, which is conveniently located in the KingsPointe Village Shopping Center at 61st and Yale.
RML offering the HCV RNA by TMA 10/01/2010 RML offering the HCV RNA by TMA. The benefit of this assay is that the lower limit of detection is lower than some qualitative assays. The sensitivity is 5 copies(IU) per mL of plasma. The effective linear range is 5 IU/mL to 7500 IU/mL. A report from this assay with a viral load of 5 IU/mL would indicate a positive presence of Hepatitis C viral RNA.
Email Sign-Up for Providers 09/13/2010 As a valued partner and provider of Regional Medical Laboratory, we invite you to sign up for news and updates. Please provide your contact information and email address to receive news, updates, and related correspondence via email. Thank you.
Update - Salmonella Outbreak Reported 08/23/2010 Update - Salmonella Outbreak Reported
Your Mother always told you to wash your hands! 05/19/2010 Your Mother always told you to wash your hands!
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