Analyzer Testing

Mini-ANA Analyzer (Anti-Nuclear Antibody)

Mini-ANA Analyzer (Anti-Nuclear Antibody)

Order Name: Mini-ANA
Test Number: 6907869
Test Description

Used in the evaluation of connective tissue disease, along with the autoimmune mediated vasculitides. The Mini-ANA analyzer was designed to provide a more consolidated and predictable approach to reflex testing of Positive (>/= 1:160) ANA screens.

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Initial Testing

Test Name CPT Codes
ANA Screen 86038

Possible Additional Testing

Test Name CPT Codes
ANA Titer and Pattern 86039
Anti-Ribonuclear Antibody 86235
Anti-Smith Antibody 86235
Double Stranded DNA Antibody 86225
ENA Screen 86235
Jo-1 Antibody 86235
Scleroderma Antibody 86235
SSA/Ro52 Antibody (Sjogrens) 86235
SSA/Ro60 Antibody (Sjogrens) 86235
SSB/La Antibody (Sjogrens) 86235