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Announcing the RML Vias Image Analysis System

Dear Clinical Colleagues,

Attached to this page you will find two reports; one of which you may recognize as the RML breast panel report which has been available for several years. This includes a semiquantitative assessment of ER, PR, and HER-2/neu by immunocytochemistry. While this report may look similar to those you have seen in the past, its data was obtained by a significantly different method; thus the second report. This second report with the RML logo in the right upper corner is a pictorially enhanced document which includes images of some of the actual fields which were utilized in determining the estrogen, progesterone, and HER-2/neu status of the breast cancer that is being that evaluated. This report is generated with an FDA approved, computer based, image analysis system distributed by Ventana Corporation. As in the past, a pathologist will select the fields for evaluation, however, this instrument allows for a greater consistency in quantifying immunohistochemical staining reactions than can be accomplished with the human eye alone. As an additional benefit, it is anticipated that the number of cases that will submitted for in situ hybridization (i.e. 2+ cases) will decrease, speeding up the final disposition of these cases. Finally, this image analysis system will also assist in the quantification of Silver in-Situ Hybridization (SISH) assays for HER2 which are currently undergoing validation in our laboratory. This should allow for a significantly improved turnaround time for HER2 hybridization results.

The treatment of breast cancer is becoming personalized. RML is committed to providing the most reliable prognostic and predictive information in our breast panel to assist in the selection of optimal treatment for this disease.

We would be glad to answer any questions regarding the RML breast panel in general or the image analyzer in particular. We can be reached at:

(photo_Vias_1.jpg) (918) 744-2553

James R. Taylor, MD
Chief of Immunohistochemistry

Cindy Starkey MD, PhD
Chief of Molecular Diagnostics

Gerry Miller, PhD
Chief of Immunology/Microbiology

Example Reports

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