Job Opportunities

(callout_image_LRG_Jobs.jpg) Since 1980, Regional Medical Laboratory has been part of St. John which has brought healing and comfort to the people of northeast Oklahoma.  St. John employees share in the mission of quality healthcare and compassion for those in need in our community.  The core values of service, presence, human dignity and wisdom are visible every day in the actions of our healthcare professionals and support staff.

Choose a Career in Medical Laboratory Technology

According to the best-selling 1999 book, Jobs Rated Almanac: The Best and Worst Jobs by Les Krantz, medical technologists are in the top 20 list of best jobs. Medical technologists ranked 16 in a list of 250 jobs. They also ranked third in the healthcare/medicine occupational category.

Medical technologists work quickly and carefully since the information they give to the doctor influences the medical treatment a patient receives. A Medical Technologists do much more than examine specimens through a microscope. They operate complex electronic equipment, computers, and precision instruments. They are trouble-shooters who not only report accurate results, but also know when results are incorrect and need to be rechecked. For more information on a career in Medical Laboratory Technology, visit The American Society for Clinical Pathology® website.