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LabWorks Connectivity Solution

LabWorks® is a user friendly electronic order entry and result retrieval system.  It provides 24/7 availability of lab services.

Easy to use!  LabWorks® runs over the internet.  It has simple screens and an easy to follow process.

Secure and HIPAA Compliant!  LabWorks® uses current internet security protocols to establish a secure internet connection.  Every user has a personal username and password.  Access to PHI is automatically tracked. 

Electronic ordering!  Ordering tests has never been easier.   Demographic, billing, and clinical information are stored for easy retrieval.  Choose a patient; choose the tests, apply ICD10 codes, print labels and requisitions.  Medical Necessity verification is automatically applied and ABN’s printed when appropriate.

Results Anytime, Anywhere!  You can retrieve results from any computer on the internet with a Microsoft or Chrome web browser.  Results are delivered in near real time so they are ready whenever and wherever you are. 

LabWorks® is a registered trademark of Atlas Development Corporation.