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Cytopathology and Cytology

Cytopathology is a branch of pathology that studies and diagnoses diseases on the cellular level. This relationship to Cytology refers to the study of cells, including their formation, origin, structure, function, biochemical activities, and pathologic characteristics. Kinds of cytology include aspiration biopsy cytology and exfoliative cytology.  A common application of Cytopathology is the Pap smear, used as a screening tool, to detect precancerous cervical lesions and prevent cervical cancer. It is generally used on samples of free cells or tissue fragments, in contrast to histopathology, which studies whole tissues.

Our Cytopathology and Cytology Team

Tamnmy Battaglia, M.D.Brian J. Bock, M.D.Paul L. Gelven, M.D. Ryan Hendren, M.D. Stephanie Holt, M.D. Walter L. LaMar, M.D. James O. Palmer, M.D. Sean Smith, M.D.James R. Taylor, M.D.

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