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As your laboratory provider, RML is required to submit proper ICD-10 codes with any claims we submit for payment to Medicare, Medicaid and any other 3rd party payer. This information must come directly from the healthcare professional providing the care. We recognize that this transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 can be difficult. Included below are additional tips and links to find more information about how you can ensure that your office is prepared.

Below are some ways in which you can make sure that you are prepared:


  • Create a Transition Plan.
  • Train your Staff: Identify your top ICD-9 codes and convert to ICD-10 Codes (have a conversion chart available for quick reference).
  • Update your processes: Are your forms ready? Is your EMR updated with ICD-10 Codes?
  •  Reorder your patients' future orders with ICD-10 Codes. Existing standing orders with ICD-9 Codes will be invalid.
  • Talk to your vendors, payers, clearinghouses and 3rd party billing services: Are they ready?
  • Test your systems and processes. Verify that you can use your ICD-10 ready systems to generate a claim.


Links for additional information:



For more information directly from CMS:
CMS ICD-10 Information.

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RML ICD-10 Flyer

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