Allergy Testing

RML Allergy Testing

Specific IgE testing is used to confirm the presence or absence of atopic disease in patients with overlapping upper respiratory disease (URD) symptoms. The common symptoms of sneezing, rhinorrhea, ocular and nasal congestion can be associated with viral, bacterial, allergic and/or other non-allergic etiologies. The appropriate management of the various URDs differ substantially; the challenge faced by primary care physicians is to establish the correct diagnosis, with an allergic versus non-allergic basis being fundamental. The ImmunoCAP will identify the one-third of the URDs that have an allergic etiology. These results may impact the decision to refer to a specialist or to retain and manage the patient.

Five basic cost effective panels are available for the Internist, Family Practitioner and Pediatrician offices. The General Oklahoma/Kansas Panel will include 13 very common indoor and outdoor allergens for the Oklahoma/Kansas area. Three other adult panels are also available, the Outdoor OK/KS Panel, Indoor Panel and Food Basic Panel, with a fifth panel designed for children. These panels are not intended to be all-inclusive, but are to provide a high probability of differentiating allergic from non-allergic patients.

Specimen Requirements: Serum – Clot Activator SST Minimum of 0.1 ml of serum per allergen tested. Keep Refrigerated, For questions or additional information call 800-722-8077 or 918-744-2553.

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Regional Medical Laboratory also offers specific IgE Allergen panels designed specifically for the Allergists. RML has blended the most common Specific IgE Allergens into unique panels that will cover both Indoor and Outdoor, Adults and Children, Trees, Grasses, Molds and many different Foods.

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