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Coronavirus Testing - July 2nd, 2021

RML SARS COV-2 PCR Testing and Variant Detection.

Abbott variant detection May 28 2021.pdf (7-02-2021)

Hologic variant detection May 2021 (7-02-2021)

COVID-19 Variants Letter-UK,SA,Brazil,CA,NY,India_June_2021 (7-02-2021)

MEMO - COVID 19 Vaccination and IgG Serology (4-14-2021)

Regional Medical Laboratory is pleased to announce implementation of the SARS-CoV-2 IgG, Spike antibody assay.
RML has now initiated two assays for the semi-quantitative detection of IgG antibodies, the first to the COVID 19 nucleocapsid and the second to the COVID 19 spike protein.  (03-29-2021)
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Due to the markedly decreased SARS COVID-19 positivity rate in the community, RML is suspending STAT SARS COV2 PCR testing on Saturday day shift starting 3/20/2021 and Sunday night shift starting 3/28/2021. If warranted by a significant increase in community STAT SARS COV2 PCR positivity rates, weekend testing will be resumed. (03-17-2021)

COVID-19 Test Myths and Clarifications (01-26-2021)

SARS-CoV-2 Testing Comparison Information (01-15-2021)
Please review this document for the most recent SARS-CoV-2 Testing Sensitivity (PPA) and Specificity (NPA) information.

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