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Specimen Tube Shortage:

There continues to be a global shortage of laboratory supplies due to several recalls and unprecedented levels of demand for products following surges in COVID-19 infection rates, vaccines production and treatment developments. . The national shortage was recognized by the US Food & Drug Administration on June 10th, 2021 and is currently expected to last until mid-summer 2022. National vendors for blood collection supplies, BD and Greiner, are both experiencing large backorders and are working to increase production to meet the demand.
Regional Medical Laboratory is working closely with distributors and monitoring local inventory levels to ensure we have enough supplies to meet our patient diagnostic and treatment needs. Please contact your RML local sales representative for questions or additional information.
Blue Top Sodium Citrate Blood Collection Tube Shortage

The CAP reviewed the recommendations to address the shortage of 3.2% sodium citrate blue top tubes with officials from the US Food and Drug Administration. Shortages are expected to persist throughout the rest of 2021. Coagulation tests measure the blood's ability to clot as well as how long the body will take to clot.
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Coronavirus Testing - February 4th, 2022

RML SARS COV-2 PCR Testing and Variant Detection.

Abbott variant detection Dec. 2021 (12-08-2021)
Diasorin Variant detection (Omicron) (11-29-2021)

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