Client Memos

Occasionally Regional Medical Laboratory needs to communicate to our clients regarding test changes or new test opportunities. Here you will find downloadable versions of the these memos.

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Recent Memos

11/01/2017 UnitedHealthcare Notification/Prior AuthorizationNew

10/27/2017 Genetic Testing Requiring Pre-AuthorizationNew

10/27/2017 Molecular and Biomarker InformationNew

09/28/2017 RML Vacutainer Conversion

08/28/2017 Thyroglobulin Orderables

06/26/2017 Serum Protein Electrophoresis Analyzer

06/05/2017 New molecular testing for C. trachomatis, N. gonorrhoeae, and Trichomonas

06/02/2017 Blood Lead Testing

05/31/2017 FDA Clearance for D-Dimer Exclusion of DVT

05/03/2017 ThyGenX and ThyraMIR rev 4

05/03/2017 Verify Now - Platelet Function Assay

04/26/2017 HIV Conversion from 3rd Generation to 4th Generation

04/24/2017 Vitamin D 1,25-Dihydroxy

04/7/2017 Disease Serology to New Instrumentation Diasorin Liaison

04/03/2017 Crosswalk for Serology Testing on the Diasorin CIA Platform Updated

03/28/2017 Mumps Specimens For Evaluation By PCR

03/28/2017 Epi proColon Blood Test for Colorectal Cancer Screenin

03/22/2017 Re-Standardized Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Assay

03/01/2017 Testosterone Test Offerings

02/01/2017 Clinitest Discontinuation of Reducing Substances

01/30/2017 Ristocetin Cofactor (von Willebrand Factor Activity)

12/22/2016 2017 CPT4 Code Changes from American Medical Association (AMA)

10/24/2016 Changes to Flow Cytometry Prognostic Markers for CLL

09/07/2016 RML Transitioning to ThinPrep

09/07/2016 Ammonia Assay Reference Ranges Change

08/23/2016 Implementation of ROTEM delta

08/11/2016 Clostridium Difficile Testing Update

07/28/2016 New OKC Patient Service Center

05/02/2016 Protein Electrophoresis Testing

04/15/2016 Cystic Fibrosis DNA Analysis Recall

03/28/2016 Laboratory Information System (LIS) Conversion RML Clients 04/02/2016

03/28/2016 LIS System Upgrade Hospitals SJMC 04/02/2016

03/28/2016 LIS System Upgrade Hospitals JPMC 04/02/2016

03/28/2016 LIS System Upgrade Hospitals SJBA 04/02/2016

03/28/2016 LIS System Upgrade Hospitals SJO 04/02/2016

03/28/2016 LIS System Upgrade Hospitals SJS 04/02/2016

03/28/2016 LIS System Upgrade Hospitals JPN 04/02/2016

03/31/2016 RML mock report from new LIS 04/02/2016

03/30/2016 Helicobacter pylori Serology to be Discontinued June 2016

02/26/2016 VAP Cholesterol Discontinued

02/19/2016 Zika Virus Testing for Oklahoma Clients

01/23/2016 Prior Authorization of New 2016 Molecular Pathology Codes

01/14/2016 Fulvestrant cross- reactivity with Estradiol immunoassay