Client Memos

Occasionally Regional Medical Laboratory needs to communicate to our clients regarding test changes or new test opportunities. Here you will find downloadable versions of the these memos.

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Recent Memos

08/22/2022 Process for Lab Work and Stats Collected by OKC Midwife Clients in the Metro OKC Area New

08/09/2022 MonkeyPox Specimen Collection New

06/28/2022 New Molecular Respiratory Combination

06/27/2022 Change in Operating Hours for the Flow Department

05/19/2022 Syphilis Testing Algorithm

04/12/2022 BlueCross BlueShield laboratory policy additions for 2022

01/10/2022 CKD-EPI Creatinine GFR Calculation

12/20/2021 RML 2022 CPT® Code Changes Memo

09/13/2021 COVID 19 Vaccination and IgG Serology

06/09/2021 Respiratory Virus panel by PCR

05/28/2021 National Shortage Blue Top Sodium Citrate Blood Collection Tubes

03/30/2021 New SARS-CoV-2 IgG Spike Antibody Test

02/11/2021 Discontinuation of MTHFR DNA Mutation Analysis

01/13/2021 Patient Agreement Form Implementation

12/31/2020 2021 CPT Code Changes from American Medical Association (AMA)

10/27/2020 Positive COVID-19 Results - Discontinuation of call notification to clients

09/15/2020 COVID-19 New Ask at Order Entry Questions Required

08/27/2020 National STI Collection Device Shortages

08/03/2020 Reporting changes to Flow Cytometry Immunodeficiency Testing

08/03/2020 Discontinuation of Virus Culture

07/09/2020 Discontinuation of Mycoplasma pneumoniae culture

07/08/2020 Reference range update for Bicarbonate

07/06/2020 IgE Specific Allergens

07/06/2020 Reference Range Change for WBC, PLT and MCV

06/16/2020 Discontinuation of Candida Antigen

05/14/2020 SARS-CoV-2 PCR Collection Kits

04/30/2020 Update Coronavirus Testing (COVID-19)

04/28/2020 Notification of Updated Pricing and Coding for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

04/22/2020 United Healthcare Medical Policy Change for GU Pathogen

03/31/2020 COVID-19 Reporting

03/09/2020 Change in Hours of Operation for RML at PSC Owasso

03/09/2020 Kappa and Lambda Free Light Chains Testing

02/03/2020 Continuation of Ampicillin IgE Allergen Testing

02/20/2020 Change in Chemistry Instrumentation and Revised Reference Ranges

02/3/2020 Information Needed for Patient Billing

01/17/2020 Change in Hours for RML PSC - Williams Medical Plaza on March 2, 2020

01/06/2020 Screening for Colorectal Cancer

12/30/2019 2020 CPT Code Changes from American Medical Association (AMA)

12/27/2019 Immunoglobulin IgA Reference Range Changes

12/16/2019 Change in Hours of operation for RML 81st Memorial PSC

11/18/2019 Blood Collection Tube Conversion

10/31/2019 Payment for Technical Component (TC) Services for Commercial Insurance Plans

10/28/2019 Change in Specimen Stability for CBC, Retic, IPF

10/22/2019 BK Virus and EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) Quantitative Viral Load Testing

10/21/2019 Semen Analysis Testing Location Change

10/18/2019 Discontinuation of Metal Allergy LTT Panel 1 and 2

10/07/2019 Flow Cytometry Order for Mycosis Fungoides

10/07/2019 CMV Quantitative Viral Load Testing

10/01/2019 Reagent Backorder Alert – Complement, total (CH50)

10/01/2019 KRAS, NRAS, BRAF Mutation Colorectal Cancer Testing

10/01/2019 Rapid HIV Reagent

09/25/2019 Reporting of Red Blood Cells in Urinalysis Microscopic Exams

09/06/2019 Measles IgG Update

8/27/2019 Urine Drug Confirmation Orderable(s) Crosswalk

8/22/2019 Neutrophil Oxidative Index Test

8/22/2019 Kappa and Lambda Light Chain Testing

8/08/2019 Additional CLIA Certification

7/03/2019 New Mini Anti-Nuclear Antibody Analyzer

7/03/2019 Addition of Estimated GFR to Cystatin C Test

4/19/2019 Coverage of Molecular Vaginal Pathogen Testing

4/1/2019 Modification to Hypercoagulation Analyzer Testing

2/21/2019 HSV IgM Backorder

1/1/2019 Laboratory Test Codes DOS Exception

1/1/2019 CMS 14 Day Rule Change OPPS Molecular