Analyzer Testing

HemePath Consult Analyzer

HemePath Consult Analyzer

Order Name: ANEMIA AN
Test Number: 0110800
Test Description

Used in the evaluation of newly encountered anemia. A CBC and reticulocyte count begin a cascade with the appropriate chemistry tests added as needed. The peripheral blood smear, the results of the biochemical tests and the patient's clinical history is reviewed by a pathologist who issues an interpretive report.

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Initial Testing

Test Name CPT Codes
CBC 85025
Reticulocyte Count 85045
Immature Platelet Fraction Level 85055
Pathologist Interpretation 80503

Possible Additional Testing

Test Name CPT Codes
Alkaline Phosphatase 84075
ALT 84460
AST 84450
Direct Coombs 86880
Ferritin 82728
Folate 82746
GGT 82977
Haptoglobin 83010
Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Multiple
Iron/TIBC 83540, 83550
LDH 83615
Total Bilirubin 82247
Vitamin B 12 82607