Oncology Testing

Molecular Hematopathology


JAK 2 Mutation (V617F) - Analysis

Order Name: JAK2 MUTAT
Test Number: 9100185
Clinical Use

Myeloproliferative disorders (MPDs) are clonal hematopoietic stem cell malignancies characterized by excessive production of blood cells by hematopoietic precursors. In addition to thrombotic and hemorrhagic complications, leukemic transformation can occur. The main members of MPD are Polycythemia Vera (PV), Essential Thrombocythemia (ET) and Idiopathic Myelofibrosis (MF).

Specimen Requirements

6mL (4mL) Peripheral Whole Blood in EDTA Lavender top tube. Please keep specimen Whole Blood and at Room Temperature. Do not centrifuge. Whole Blood samples should reach testing lab w/in 72 hours of collection for best analysis.

Special Instructions

NOTE: Information regarding draw time and date is required on the sample to ensure the stability of the sample can be maintained. Specimen integrity will be determined at the performing laboratory.


BCR/ABL t(9,22); Quantitative PCR

Order Name: BCRABL PCR
Test Number: 9101855
Clinical Use

The bcr/abl rearrangement is detected in 90 to 95% of CML, some acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), and, rarely, in acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). Diagnose chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) in the presence or absence of Philadelphia chromosome. Determine prognosis & relapse. Also used to identify acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) patients who have a Philadelphia chromosome.


AML (M3) PML/RARA t(15;17), Quantitative PCR

Order Name: PML/RARA
Test Number: 9616805
Clinical Use

This is a real-time quantitative RT-PCR assay. Patient RNA is isolated and subjected to two separate RT-PCR reactions to detect the two types of PML-RARa fusion transcripts (long and short isoform). An additional amplification for abl gene is performed as a control for sample RNA quality and as a reference for relative quantification. A ' 'Negative' ' result will be reported if PML-RARa fusion transcript is not detected. The analytical sensitivity of this test is 1 tumor cell in 100,000 normal cells. The isoform and a ratio of PML-RARa to abl quantity will be reported if PML-RARa fusion transcript is detected.


T-cell Receptor (TCR) Gene Rearrangement,
Qualitative PCR, Cell-based

Order Name: T CELL PCR
Test Number: 9604030
Clinical Use

This assay is useful for establishing clonality of T-cell receptor gene rearrangement for the diagnosis of T-cell lymphoid neoplasms and identification of minimal residual disease or early recurrence in patients with previous diagnosis of T-call neoplasm.


B-Cell Gene Rearrangement, Qualitative PCR

Order Name: B CELL PCR
Test Number: 9616980
Clinical Use

Clinical use is to aid in the diagnosis of B-Cell malignancies, to determine lineage of leukemias and lymphomas for prognosis and treatment selection, and to detect minimal residual disease or recurrent disease.


CEBPA Mutation, PCR

Order Name: CEBPA PCR
Test Number: 9616990
Clinical Use

Determine prognosis in cytogenetically normal acute myelogenous leukemia (CN-AML).


FLT3 Mutation, PCR

Order Name: FLT3 MUTAT
Test Number: 9607835
Clinical Use

Determine prognosis in cytogenetically normal acute myelogenous leukemia (CN-AML) by specifically looking for an ITD mutation of FLT3.


NPM1 Mutation, PCR

Order Name: NPM1 MUTAT
Test Number: 9628625
Clinical Use

Determine prognosis in cytogenetically normal acute myelogenous leukemia (CN-AML).