Specimen Collection

Arterial Blood Gases

Arterial blood gases drawn in heparinized syringes should be capped immediately to prevent oxygen contamination and mixed gently by rolling the specimen between the palms of the hands for 15 seconds. Blood gases should not be submitted if air bubbles are present in the syringe after drawing. Never leave the needle on the syringe.

Notify RML of the STAT pickup before drawing.
Send specimen ON ICE immediately to the laboratory.

Blood gases should be run within 30 minutes of drawing for accurate results.
Patients may be sent any of St John Hospitals with an RML our laboratory located at:
St. John Medical Center, 1923 S Utica, 5th floor of the Siegfried Tower.
St. John Broken Arrow Medical Center, 1000 W. Boise Circle.
St. John Owasso Medical Center, 12455 East 100th St. North, Suite 250.
St. John Sapulpa Medical Center, 1004 East Bryan, 1st Floor.
Jane Phillips Medical Center - Bartlesville, 3500 SE Frank Phillips Blvd. 2nd Floor.