Glucose Tolerance Test

Gestational Diabetes Screen (1 Hour)

Order Name: GLUC 1 HR
Test Number: 2012650

Gestational Glucose Tolerance (2 Hour)

Order Name: GG2hrGTT
Test Number: 2016801

Gestational Glucose Tolerance (3 Hour)

Order Name: GTT PREG
Test Number: 2023550

Glucose Tolerance (2 Hour Only) Glucola

Order Name: GLUC 2 HR
Test Number: 2002250

Glucose Tolerance (2 Hour Only) Post Prandial

Order Name: GLUC 2HRPC
Test Number: 2002200
Test Description

The National Diabetes Data Group of the National Institute of Health, with the endorsement of the American Diabetes Association, recommends that the test should not be administered if the patient is ill; fasted less than 10 hours or more than 16 hours; at any time period other than morning; if carbohydrate intake has been restricted to less than 150 gm/day for 3 days prior to testing.

The patient should remain seated and not smoke throughout the test. Water is permitted. The patient's medications should be screened for those which may cause glucose elevations, to include: Acetaminophen, aspirin, calcitonin, cimetidine, ethacrynic acid, ethanol, heparin, medroxyprogesterone, nalidixic acid, prolactin and propranolol.

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