Specimen Collection

Automated Fecal Occult Blood Test to Detect Colorectal Cancer

The new automated fecal occult blood test , an immunoassay which detects the presence of human hemoglobin using a photometric reading of the presence of an antibody-antigen complex. This immuno-chemical test provides several advantages over the old guaiac method which include ease of collection, reduction in the number of samples needed, no dietary restrictions, increased specificity for human hemoglobin and detection of hemoglobin from the colon or rectal area only.

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Test Name:Order Name:Test Number:
Fecal Occult Blood Testing ICT OCCULT 3510285

Sample Collection:
Read all package Insert directions carefully before sample collection. Test results may be invalid
if test is not performed properly.

Sample Deposit:

  1. Place supplied collection paper inside toilet bowl on top of water.
  2. Deposit stool sample on top of collection paper.
  3. Collect sample from stool before paper sinks and stool and sample touches water.
  4. Flush. Collection paper is biodegradable and will not harm septic systems.
1. Fill in all required information on the sampling bottle.

Open green cap by twisting and lifting.

2. Scrape the surface of the fecal sample with the sample probe.

Cover the grooved portion of the sample probe completely with the stool sample.

3. Close sampling bottle by inserting the probe and snap green cap on tightly. Do Not Reopen.

Insert the sampling bottle in the Bio-Hazard baggie then mail it back to your ordering doctor or RML in the provided envelope. (Please do not mail to Polymedco.)