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Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ)

What are RML's hours of operation?

RML provides full-time, on-site customer service representatives, including registered medical technologists at many locations, to assist clients with their laboratory service needs. Customer service representatives are available to handle your calls from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Saturdays and Holidays for specimen pickups, supplies and results. Client service technologists are available to handle more in-depth calls and are staffed from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. All calls to (918) 744-2500 will be answered by other laboratory staff outside of these hours and days.

How long has RML been in existence?

Regional Medical Laboratory, Inc. (RML) is a fully integrated, for profit, clinical laboratory corporation, established in 1983. Pathologists oversee a management team comprised of highly credentialed laboratory professionals with strong backgrounds in medical technology. Many of our technical staff are ASCP registered with subspecialties in blood bank, chemistry, coagulation, cytology, hematology, histology, immunology, microbiology and urinalysis. Local data processing systems, billing services, an extensive courier fleet and marketing capabilities are among the key support functions of RML. RML offers a complete spectrum of state-of-the-art clinical testing and computer support. Pathology Laboratory Associates (PLA) offers anatomic pathology services include surgical pathology, cytology, bone marrow studies, and fine needle aspiration biopsy. RML also offers flow cytometry, DNA analysis, immunophenotyping, and immunohistochemistry to support our molecular pathology services.

How do I set up an account with RML?

Contact RML's Client Services Department at (918) 744-2500. They will forward your information to the appropriate sales representative for your area.

Where are the tests done?

Most of the testing is done at the primary Laboratory, Regional Medical Lab St. John Campus, satellite laboratories, and affiliated Regional Hospitals.

Is RML a fully licensed lab?

Yes, RML is CLIA certified and licensed in many states. RML is also a Medicare approved lab and participates in CAP proficiency testing.

Where can I find more information about the tests ordered?

One of the sites we would recommend for further exploration about the tests and services provided by RML is

When will my results be ready?

Most results are ready by the next day. However, availability may vary depending on the type of test. If the patient's state of health requires rapid results in order to determine treatment, certain results can be available within minutes or hours.

What are the instructions for collecting a 24-hour urine specimen?

You'll find the instructions on as well as the collection container.

How accurate are Lab tests?

Laboratory results must be accurate, timely and precise in order to be of value to the practitioner. Results can vary from patient to patients and from one visit to the next, depending on the patient's medical condition.
There are defined procedures for every aspect of collection and testing of the specimen. Results are monitored using an extensive quality control program. Governmental and private organizations periodically inspect the laboratory. Accreditation and licensure of the laboratory is dependent on a favorable outcome to these visits.

How can I cancel or add a test?

Tests may be canceled at any time by clients. If testing has not yet been completed, there will be no charge.
Additional testing requested by the client will be accommodated if sufficient and appropriate specimen remains. Requests must be made by the submitting client. All verbal orders must be followed by a written authorization submitted to the Client Services Department within one week.

How can I request a test be performed STAT?

Regional Medical Lab offers some procedures on a STAT basis. For more information about our STAT services please contact the Client Services Department (918) 744-2500.

How will I get the test results?

Patient test results are provided to clients in a variety of formats. Interfaced Clients with remote site printers will obtain hard copy reports on a scheduled or call-up basis. Upon request, results will also be faxed, communicated by telephone, or transmitted to a remote printer upon completion. Hard copies of the reports can also be delivered by our couriers daily. STAT tests and those with results exceeding our laboratory defined critical values will be communicated as directed by the requesting site. In the future interfaced Clients with inquiry access can obtain on-line results as soon as they are released by testing personnel.
NOTE: Some highly sensitive test results, such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus, are not, by policy, provided by phone or via printer. Please contact the Client Services Department for details about reporting of these test results.

How will the specimen get from the client or Patient Service Center to the Laboratory?

RML will provide transportation of patient specimens to our laboratories. Courier service is designed in consultation with each client, and can include arrangements for STAT services as required. RML Couriers can also deliver requested supplies and reports. Please call our Courier Department (918) 744-2500.

Can I attach insurance information to RML's test requisition form?

Yes. Please be sure you put the patient's name, ICD-9 code(s), date collected, specimen source, and mark the test(s) requested on the RML test requisition form. If all the other information is included in the attachment, i.e., patient demographics and insurance information, it is acceptable to attach the information to the test requisition form.

Does RML require ICD-9 codes?

If RML will be filing the claim on behalf of your patient to the insurance company, ICD-9 codes are required.

What ICD-9 codes do I use for your testing?

You must submit diagnosis codes documented in the patient's chart for the date of service in which the testing was ordered. ICD-9 codes should reflect signs, symptoms, complaints, and reasons for the encounter of your patient. If symptoms are present, but a definitive diagnosis has not yet been determined, code the symptoms.

What is the pricing of your testing?

To obtain pricing on testing performed by RML, contact your Account Representative or call our Client Services department at 918-744-2500.

How do I get specimen collection supplies?

An order form is available online and can be faxed to 918-744-3006 or toll free at 1-888-833-0528. In addition you can contact your Sales Representative or call RML's Client Services Department at 918-744-2500 and they can send you all the necessary specimen collection supplies.

Can I access my patient's results over the internet?

RML is planning a future Client Portal on to make available results via our web-based result retrieval system. Some future benefits will include secure, immediate access to patient results using your existing computer and internet access. Results of tests will be made available when complete and may be sorted by patient name, ID number, date of service, date birth, sex, or accession number. A SOA approach and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption will be implemented to ensure the confidentiality and HIPAA standards are secure during transmission.