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Genetic testing involves molecular analysis of human DNA, RNA, genes, and chromosomes to detect whether or not a person has an inherited trait or disorder, an acquired genetic alteration, a spontaneous genetic mutation, or is a carrier of a gene that could lead to a particular disorder or disease.
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Prior Authorization of New 2016 Molecular Pathology Codes

RML is now offering quantitative viral load testing for Hepatitis C RNA by TMA. The detection of Hepatitis C viral RNA is based upon reverse transcription of viral RNA followed by transcription-mediated amplification (TMA). Although this “Quantitative assay” is used primarily to monitor therapy and to predict the success of antiviral therapy, because of its superior sensitivity, it can also be effectively used as a method of detection like a “Qualitative assay”.

The benefit of this assay is that the lower limit of detection is lower than other PCR-based qualitative assays. The sensitivity is 5 IU/mL. The effective linear range is 5 IU/mL to 7500 IU/mL. A report from this assay with a viral load of 5 IU/mL would indicate a positive presence of Hepatitis C viral RNA. This test is available to order in the RML lab system.

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