Services Provided by RML and PLA

RML LabWorks® Mobile and RML ITF-GoDoc® Laboratory Results for the Apple iPhone and iPad

Regional Medical Laboratory has always had its finger on the pulse of technology and innovation. 
RML is proud to announce that over the last few months RML has been working with both Atlas Development Corporation and Halfpenny Technologies Inc. to bring you the iPhone and iPad applications RML LabWorks® Mobile and RML ITF-GoDoc® Laboratory Results   Now Available..!

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RML and PLA offer a variety of flexible and unique services. From having pathologists on site and on call to computer interfacing solutions, service is what our customers can rely on for the laboratory needs of their patients and practice. RML provides full-time, on-site customer service representatives, including registered medical technologists at many locations, to assist clients with their laboratory service needs.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives are available to handle your calls on the days and times specified below. Specimen Pickups, Supplies and Results are available on the days and time specified below as well.

(callout_image_X_LRG_Services.jpg) (918) 744-2500

Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 11:00 PM

Saturdays & Holidays
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Locate RML Service Areas

Enterprise Knowledge Warehouse (EKW)

Our Enterprise Knowledge Warehouse (EKW) teams and our business intelligence analysts have formidable OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) and OnLine Transactional Processing (OLTP) experience and capabilities to provide real-time analytics related to utilization, clinical studies and validation, outcomes (Medical and financial), costs analysis and productivity.

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Partnering With RML

Service inquiries and request can be facilitated by contacting our Marketing Department. A Sales Executive or Account Representative will contact you to discuss how RML can best meet the testing needs of your specific practice.

(918) 744-2553

Dry Ice

RML couriers carry dry ice for specimens that need to remain frozen. Clients may request small amounts of dry ice by calling a customer service representative before 4:00 p.m. the previous day. There may be a nominal charge; please contact a client service technologist.

Supply Contact Information

Supply requests may be faxed directly to our Materials Management Department or through RML Supply Online Ordering
Please allow three working days for your order to be filled.

(918)744-3006 or toll free (888) 833-0528

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Custom Requisitions

You may contact our client services department to tailor your requisition to your particular needs. Verbal requests can be taken by a customer service representative.

To reorder requisitions, fax the requisition with the red fluorescent sticker labeled “To reorder form”

(918) 744-2349

Continuing Education Services

Training programs and guest speakers may be requested through our client services department.

RML memos and newsletters covering current laboratory topics will be distributed quarterly or as indicated to clients.

Continuing medical education is provided through in-service training programs, informational literature, and guest speakers to groups or organizations.

Management Services

A Mutual Management Plan may be negotiated in which RML contracts with clients to manage or direct laboratory services.

Clients may arrange for RML management personnel to consult on aspects of laboratory operations such as cost accounting, government regulations, personnel management, data processing and materials management. All management services can be arranged by the Laboratory Administrator

(918) 744-2553 or (800) 722-8077