Specimen Collection

Regional Medical Laboratory utilizes the latest and most appropriate technology to analyze laboratory data to provide the best clinical information for you and for your patient; however, none of this information would be available without the proper collection and processing of patient specimens. This section supplies the needed supplemental information in conjunction with our extensive test directory so that collection and processing can lend the first step to providing our clients and patients with the best clinical information available.

Specimen Labeling

All specimens (blood, body fluids, cultures, cytology and surgical) must have a first and last name on the specimen container, accompanied by a secondary identifier.

  • Examples of  acceptable identifiers include but are not limited to: date of birth, medical record number, social security number, requisition number, accession number, or unique random number. A location (e.g., hospital room number) is not an acceptable identifier.
  • The name or identifiers on the specimen(s) must match exactly the name or identifiers on the requisition. Test results may be delayed if labeling discrepancies occur.
  • All specimens must be accompanied with a completed RML requisition and transported at the required temperature in bio-hazard zip-lock bags or other appropriate transport containers.

See links to the right to find the type of specimen and it's labeling and transport requirements.