Specialized Testing

K-Shield Butterfly Collection Instructions

The K-Shield Butterfly may be used with a syringe or with a Vacutainer with an adaptor.

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Cells under magnification (00000158.jpg)

Regional Medical Laboratory offers many specialized testing services,including stimulation and tolerance testing, bone marrow collections, and sweat chloride testing for Cystic Fibrosis.

Bone Marrow samples can be collected in privacy and comfort at RML's 5th floor collection center adjacent to the main laboratory. Our staff of experienced pathologists guide the patient through every step of the process.

Some of these special tests need to be scheduled with our laboratory in advance; that information is provided here in this section and is also listed within each of those tests in the Test Directory for patient and scheduling information.

If you have questions please contact our Client Service Department at (800) 722-8077 or (918) 744-2500.