Analyzer Testing

Protein Electrophoresis Analyzer, Serum

Protein Electrophoresis Analyzer, Serum

Order Name: PEP AN
Test Number: 5004425
Test Description

Serum Protein electrophoresis is used to determine the type and percentage of circulating proteins in the body - a valuable screening tool for many disease states. A pathologist interpretative report will be issued with all orders.

For collection information refer to this test in the Test Directory.

Initial Testing

Test Name CPT Codes
Protein Electrophoresis 84165
Total Protein 84155
Pathologist Interpretation 84165-26 or 80500

Possible Additional Testing

Test Name CPT Codes
Protein Immunofixation 86334
Immunoglobulin Levels - IgA, IgM, IgG, 82784x3
Kappa & Lambda Lt Chains 83883x2
Pathologist Interpretation 86334-26