STAT Testing Bartlesville Area

The test listed below are available on a STAT basis for the Bartlesville area.

ABO blood group DIC Profile Phenobarbital
Acetaminophen Differential, manual Phosphorus
Acetone, serum Digoxin Platelet count
Alcohol Dilantin Potassium
Alkaline Phosphatase Direct Coombs Pregnancy test, serum
ALT (SGPT) D-Dimer Pregnancy test, urine
Ammonia Drug Screen, Blood Procainamide
Amylase, serum Drug Screen, Urine PT- Prothrombin Time
Antibody screen Fibrinogen PTT
AST (AGOT) Gentamicin Quinidine
Bilirubin, (total & direct) Glucose, blood Salicylate
Blood gases, arterial Gram stain Sodium
Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) Hematocrit Strep Screen – Throat (Rapid Strep A)
Calcium Hemoglobin Tegretol
Carbon Dioxide India ink for cryptococcus, CSF Theophylline
CBC (Complete Blood Count) Lactate, blood Urinalysis, complete
Chloride Lactate, CSF Urinalysis, w/o microscopic
Chem 8 Lithium Urinalysis, w/ culture, if indicated
Chem 14 Magnesium Valproic acid
Creatinine, serum Osmolality, serum Vancomycin
Crossmatch (blood product) Osmolality, urine Wet Prep
CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid) - cell count, differential, glucose, Gram stain, protein pH, venous  
NOTE: Profiles are not available on a STAT basis unless all of their components are on the above list. If any of the above individual tests are needed STAT, please list them individually and check the STAT box. Should there be confusion concerning this issue, call (918) 331-1737 for clarification and ordering instructions.