Enterprise Knowledge Warehouse

The RML Enterprise Knowledge Warehouse (EKW) – A unique distinction and a competitive edge.

As pioneering experts in the use of data warehousing and business intelligence in the healthcare space, Regional Medical Laboratory is uniquely positioned to provide our partners with the added values associated with our expertise in the implementation and the utilization of advance data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics. Our Enterprise Knowledge Warehouse (EKW) teams and our business intelligence analysts have formidable OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) and OnLine Transactional Processing (OLTP) experience and capabilities to provide real-time analytics related to utilization, clinical studies and validation, outcomes (Medical and financial), costs analysis and productivity.

In the ever changing healthcare arena where effective real-time measurement, validation and the analysis of government and industry initiatives focused on the improvement of healthcare processes and the lowering of healthcare cost is paramount; there is no greater methodology to facilitate this required analysis than the type of data-warehousing technology in place at RML. This environment containing over several terabytes of granular healthcare related data, with over 1.8 million uniquely identified healthcare lives provides the “at-point-of-need” information that is pivotal to any sector of the healthcare industry that requires the monitoring of clinical outcomes, workforce outcomes, financial outcomes, operational outcomes and regulatory outcomes. RML has the ability via the EKW to provide various flavors of utilization analysis with virtually a limitless combination of demographic, clinical, financial, and statistical reporting criteria. RML is the only Oklahoma based healthcare organization that can facilitate this sort of data warehousing and analytics capability for the Oklahoma population.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the Accountable Care Act (ACA), along with other recent government initiatives focused on improving care and lowering cost require a massive amount of data analysis from an environment that is deliberately optimized for mass data analysis and outcomes measurement. The RML Enterprise Knowledge Warehouse provides the added value and ability to validate that Meaningful Use (MU) is being attained, through our ability to accurately and timely validate that core quality measures and menu set measures are meeting targets; to validate that Accountable Care Organization (ACO) are truly accounting for the quality, cost, and overall care for a community and that healthcare lives are being tracked and monitored appropriately in the various medical home initiatives.

RML through the use of our Enterprise Knowledge Warehouse provides healthcare providers, payers, HIE(s), ACO(s) and partners the added value to analyze how effectively the organization delivers quality outcomes. It measures outcomes in terms of mortality, infection rates, complication rates, adverse drug events, re-hospitalizations, returns to surgery, returns to the Emergency Room, pain assessment and patient satisfaction. By using the templates offered in this solution set, users are able to analyze their quality outcomes and develop best practices for delivering care.

The RML Enterprise knowledge Warehouse (EKW) allows for the analysis of workforce outcomes by providing the management and operational information that analyzes patient-day labor costs by unit, department, and shift. This information is organized and displayed in a manner that enables organizations to identify the variation of staff usage and mix to identify opportunities to reduce cost while maintaining level of care by using different staffing models.

The RML EKW facilitates the analysis of financial outcomes that allows healthcare executives to focus on the strategic positioning of their organization by viewing their mix of patients, services provided and markets served. The access to this data provides key financial ratios that enable the assessment of the organization’s capital structure, liquidity, and profitability. In addition, we are able to perform segment analysis of the sources of revenue.

The wealth of optimized data in the EKW allows for the researching of operational outcomes that enable executives to access detailed information around the efficiency of the resource usage. Efficiency is measured by capturing the quantity, cost, types, and timing of resources consumed during the care process. Additionally, through the access to the optimized data we can measure and trend the volume across multiple levels.

Lastly the RMLW EKW provides the ability to perform the necessary measurements required for JCAHO core measures and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) performance indicators. The core measures represent patient level data on processes that impact the outcomes of care such as time to treatment and type of antibiotics given.

The Regional Medical Laboratory Enterprise Knowledge Warehouse is truly a unique distinction that facilitates added value to the healthcare community in our quest to provide medical excellence and compassionate care in a cost effective and efficient manner.