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Hypercoagulation Analyzer

Hypercoagulation Analyzer

Test Number: 1506500
Test Description

This multilevel testing strategy is used in the evaluation of venous thrombosis in patients with DVT, or a positive family history of DVT, or DVT at an uncommon site (i.e. mesentery). A pathologist interpretative report is issued with all orders. For collection information refer to this test in the Test Directory.

Please provide patient history and anticoagulant therapy on the Coagulopathy Questionnaire and submit with specimen or fax to 918-744-3236.

Not recommended when patients are taking Pradaxa®, Xarelto® and Apixaban® See More Information.

Coagulopathy Questionnaire Form

Initial Testing

Test Name CPT Codes
Activated Protein C Resistance 85307
Cardiolipin G/M 86147x2
LA-PTT 85705
Pathologist Interpretation 80503
Prothombin Gene Mutation (Factor II Mutation Analysis) 81240
PT 85610
PTT 85730
DRVVT Screen 85613
DRVVT Mix 85613
DRVVT Confirm 85613
Beta 2 Glycoprotein IgG/IgM 86146x2

Possible Additional Testing

Test Name CPT Codes
Antithrombin 3 85300
Antithrombin Antigen 85301
Factor 11 (XI) 85270
Factor 5 (V) Leiden 81241
Factor 8 (VIII) 85240
Factor 9 (IX) 85250
Free Protein S 85306
Functional Protein C 85303
Functional Protein S 85306
Hepzyme 85525
Hexagonal Phase Phospholipid 85598
Homocysteine 83090
Mix PT 85611x2
Mix PTT 85732x2
Mix PTT-La 85732x2
Protein C Antigen 85302
Protein S Antigen 85305
Thrombin Time 85670